Many theaters experimented with digital broadcast during the pandemic — but what might sustainable online theater look like?

Users of today’s voice assistants keep asking for a ‘politeness mode.’ But what do they really want?

Photo by Andres Urena on Unsplash

The most challenging part of starting a design career dominates most design advice inquiries: “How should I approach my portfolio?”

In a world of endless teleconferencing and extended desk sessions, are you set up for success?

What would the noted satirist say in a Zoom happy hour after a year and a half of remote work? Inspired by “The Waltz”.

When you run a round of dot voting, are you sure everyone’s using the same criteria? Try a new lens on this classic technique.

Empowered user experience engagements as a UX generalist

Time is everything when you’re making your flight. But do airlines always see it that way?

A history of “shadow” suppression and poor moderation at TikTok grows louder, dismantling communities and silencing marginalized voices

How do they handle service design when things go wrong at the “Most Magical Place On Earth”?

Cheryl Platz

Designer, actress, teacher, speaker, writer, runner, gamer. Author of Design Beyond Devices. Founder of design education company Ideaplatz, LLC.

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